Josh is running a half-marathon

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Why am I doing this…?
Why run a half-marathon?!?


Firstly, I love running… that whole aim of trying to cover a given distance as fast as you physically can - I love that challenge. Secondly, running is an oddly freeing experience - you can literally do it anywhere, at any time, all you need is two legs and some shoes and you’re good to go - it’s a pretty cool feeling. Thirdly, I just like moving - some people say I have ADHD, I probably do, but I get bored if I’m still for too long, and running is a great way to combat that. Finally - I love that running is both a team and a solo effort, you can do it as a team, or you can do it on your own, with friends and socially, or busting a gut in a race.


However, the fact that I can do all this, and help those in need, is even more special. The chance to run and raise money for those in need is a great privilege, and one I hope you can come on board and support.


I choose to run for fun. However, in Africa, many people don’t have this choice. Having been there and seen it first hand, I know how important a car or vehicle is. Many, many people walk hours every day for work, school, health care, food, water-whatever it may be. Not because they WANT to, but because they HAVE to. They get up before the sun, and return after dark, after hours of hard work, or education, or whatever it may. Just lines of people walking, always walking, right next to the road as cars and trucks speed past. That is why the 4x4 can help and impact lives - getting help, quickly and reliably, to those who need it.


This is why I am running for the Sydney Half Marathon for Forever Projects. I want to help these people, however I can, using what I have. So if you can help out, and give to the 4x4 project through supporting my run-then please do. It’s a great cause, with an even greater chance to do something that really matters.

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Josh is running
a half-marathon