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100% of your donation will go to our campaign for a new Family Support vehicle

I'm swimming 10km if I can raise $1000 ($100 per km). But I'm happy to swim more!


For an extra $200 donated, I will increase it to 11km. For an extra $300 again, I'll swim 12km. I'm happy to just keep on going!


Here's a formula my teacher came up with to calculate total funds raised ($) based on the number of km more than 10km that I swim:


F = 1000 + 150n + 50n2


Where F is funds raised in dollars and n is the number of km over 10km that I swim.


I love swimming and have been doing it since I was a young kid. I train hard daily and the opportunity to help others by using my gifts and talents really excites me. I know that with your help we can really make a difference.


Many of the people in Africa and Tanzania wouldn't even have the chance to ever swim in any body of water let alone a pool like I do everyday. I'm hoping that by using what's in my hands to help others we can help change the lives of many Tanzanian families and bring about a positive change to thousands of lives through this vehicle. By sponsoring me you're not only just giving to a charity, but touching the lives of thousands of struggling families in Tanzania that now, thanks to you, have a much greater chance to survive and really thrive off the new great opportunity that Forever Projects offers them.


So if you can, please please use what's in your hands to donate, spread the word, and empower Tanzanian families today.

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Donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.


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